At Climbit Physio we are not fans of cookie-cutter therapy. We ask the right questions and look at the whole picture, applying the latest Physiotherapy techniques to work with you to achieve your goals. Our team will create individualised Prehab and Rehab programs and can be counted on for friendly banter and a smile.

General Physio

At Climbit Physio we aim to strengthen your resolve to action and restore confidence in your body. Our team will listen and aim to up-skill individuals and support long-term recovery and meaningful change. We offer movement based solutions using best practice techniques by constantly inquiring and improving. 

If it is your first time we will need 45 minutes to get to know you, ask the right questions and get to the bottom of your unique injury. 

No session is the same. Our Physios say it how it is and will keep you accountable. We will customise a rehab plan for you that will help you recover and be back to performing at your best – pain and injury free.

If you’re willing to commit to a long-term solution, we’re willing to offer you a plan that will get you there without breaking the bank.

“We’ll make you a deal, we’ll tailor a program that works just for you as long as you stick to it and perform. Together we’ll make a killer team who are passionate about your health.”

Rock-Climbing Physio

With a love of climbing, understanding of human biology and enthusiasm for top notch health care our therapists will help you to achieve your climbing goals and guide you to recovery. We have specialist knowledge in common climbing related injuries. 

We have programs designed for those times when you are recovering from injury, preparing for your next bouldering comp, crushing your current project or just curious on climbing techniques to avoid injuries. 

Most commonly we see: Shoulder Impingement (Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy), Elbow Injury, Lateral epicondylalgia (Tennis Elbow), Knee Injury (Meniscal Tear), Finger and Pulley Injury.

Massage Therapy

At Climbit Physio our Massage Therapists specialise in remedial, sports, and relaxation massage. We use a combination of deep tissue, stretching and trigger point massage therapy techniques. Targeting muscle knots and specific areas in the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and connective tissue.  

Massage Therapy is designed to relieve muscle tension and muscle pain, prevent and treat injuries and enhance your performance or improve flexibility. We can focus on a group of muscles that are relative to your sport. Your massage therapist uses systematic manipulation of the soft tissues to speed up your recovery time.

At Climbit Physio we work with awesome humans to build strength and flexibility, allowing you to perform at your best.

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