Climbit Physio is Perth’s leading provider of treatment for climbing related injuries

Keeping You On the Wall

With a love of climbing, understanding of human biology and enthusiasm for top notch health care our therapists will help you to achieve your climbing goals and guide you to recovery. We have special knowledge in common climbing related injuries.

We have programs designed for those times when you are recovering from injury, preparing for your next bouldering comp, crushing your current project or just curious on climbing techniques to avoid injuries.

“Climbing pushes you to the edge mentally and physically – no other sport gives you the sense of adrenaline, excitement and focus – maybe a little fear – that climbing does.”

In your session we will highlight your strengths and weaknesses in flexibility, joint mobility, muscle strength and imbalance. This is an excellent way to start if you have different niggles and if you are wanting to improve your climbing grade and are stuck at a plateau.

Addressing your weaknesses will help towards injury prevention and becoming more robust if an injury occurs. The key things that lead to injuries are: nerve irritation, overuse, awkward positions and movement, inadequate strength, short rest periods, poor technique, no warm up or stretching, too hard too fast.

Climbing-Specific Diagnosis and Treatments

  • Shoulder Impingement

  • Elbow Injury

  • Lateral Epicondylalgia 

  • Knee Injury

  • Finger Injury

  • Pulley Injury

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