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Climbit Physio

Get the best results for your body

Pain is not something you just deal with.

Our Team

Chris Foster


Michael Janssen


Jayden Balestra


Tenille Bazzinotti

Massage Therapist

We are a Perth-based physiotherapy clinic that works with awesome humans to build strength, stability and flexibility – so you can get back to smashing life. 

General Physio

Injuries to Aches and Pains

Rock-Climbing Physio

Keeping You On the Wall

Massage Therapy

Help Deal With Tightness

The Latest Treatments

At Climbit Physio we are not fans of cookie-cutter therapy.

We ask the right questions and look at the whole picture, applying the latest Physiotherapy techniques to work with you to achieve your goals.

Our team will create individualised Prehab and Rehab programs and can be counted on for friendly banter and a smile.

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