Curtin University – Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) Graduate. First Class Honours. Father of two awesome humans

About Chris

Chris is a climber bred in the hills of Perth, Western Australia. He has been treating the human body of all ages and walks of life for 6 years now. He found his niche in his passion for treating rock climbers and their unique injuries. After much research and experience treating the rock climbers of Perth he has begun training and sharing his knowledge with other Physiotherapists. His passion is to keep you moving in a way that keeps on the wall to a ripe old age.

“I have a special interest in climbing and after treating many climbers in Perth for the past four years, have accumulated climbing-specific Physiotherapy knowledge. I have accumulated special knowledge in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and finger rehabilitation, endurance sport injury management, education of injury risk, persistent pain, trunk and lower limb contributions to climbing performance.”

“My current interest is in the resilience of the human body and pain education as the key that unlocks potential in patients. I aim to have you understand your pain or problem and give you the tools to self-manage your injuries.”

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